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Text Analysis in the Intro Human Geography Course

August 16, 2016 admin 0

Flying more than ever, I have become familiar with Delta Airline’s Sky magazine. Clearly catering to people with far more disposable income than I have lying around (Seriously, monogrammed shirts? Executive dating services?) I have enjoyed reading the various City Profiles tucked in the publication. It takes me back to […]

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Undergraduate Research Assistantships

July 11, 2016 admin 0

I am embarking on a project to create a digital repository of World Regional Geography textbooks for OU DGES undergraduates to work on for Capstone projects. The goal is to gather and digitize World Regional Geography textbooks from World War II to the present-day. With this we will create guides […]

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Atlas of Prejudice

May 24, 2016 admin 0

It never cases to amaze me, the student reactions when I share an image for the Atlas of Prejudice site. I am unclear if the students get that it is satirical. While not The Onion or The Colbert Report, it should not be taken seriously and yet students seem to […]


Yes, Western Terror Attacks DO Get More Coverage

March 25, 2016 admin 0

Mike Wendling writing for the BBC News Blog addresses the issue of whether the Brussels or Ankara attacks received more coverage. The social media sharing of posts regarding the lack of coverage are now become quite predictable, almost as much as the social media shouting matches over the nature of the threats, […]

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Media Coverage of Terrorism

March 23, 2016 admin 1

This was in my Facebook feed courtesy of Boing Boing this morning. Not a surprise, since I had a discussion with a FB friend named Keenan Robert last week after posting a story about why weren’t the other terrorist acts in  Turkey and Cote d’Ivoire covered as much. As one person snarkily […]

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CFP – The Internet and the 2016 Presidential Campaign

March 14, 2016 admin 0

I share this because I hope some political geography and media geography scholars might consider contributing to the volume. Baumgartner was part of a book looking at late-night humor and American politics.   CFP: Book Chapters for Edited Volume “The Internet and the 2016 Presidential Campaign” (Edited by Jody C. Baumgartner and […]

Planet of the Apes

Trump, Humor and Dystopian Movie References

March 2, 2016 admin 1

Donald Trump’s rise ahead of Super Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses has been analyzed as a symptom of a country that has outsourced jobs that many white, middle-class voters now scramble to maintain, if those jobs are still available in the places they live. Others argue it is fear that is being […]

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Example Jokes for @MrJonCryer

February 10, 2016 admin 0

It is incongruity theory in action (I only read theories about humor, I don’t name them). “And in a rambling call to a TV station, Moammar Gadhafi ranted about his enemies, blamed others for his problems. He said he is feeling fine and he is willing to go back to […]

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February 10, 2016 admin 0

I was finishing the references on a manuscript submission for a journal that rarely addresses critical geopolitics (translation: NEVER). One of the sections tries to justify why political geographers and international relations scholars would engage popular culture. The literature is expanding in both areas and expanding to deal with important […]

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