I was finishing the references on a manuscript submission for a journal that rarely addresses critical geopolitics (translation: NEVER). One of the sections tries to justify why political geographers and international relations scholars would engage popular culture. The literature is expanding in both areas and expanding to deal with important questions such as audiences, meaning-making processes, and the role of deconstruction.

That said, some of my favorite work considers zombies and geopolitics. Robert Saunders‘s work on the subject found here just reminds me about the interpretations and messages we get from popular culture. Daniel Drezner’s book, Theories of International Politics and Zombies: Revived Edition is also worth a read. A colleague and I have been discussing using Max Brooks’ World War Z as the primary text for a course on geopolitics given the approach the book took of oral history.

Why bring up scholarship and a text that is now over five years old? Well, The Walking Dead returns this week and people should think about what will happen in this season and see how much real world creeps in.


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